A shopping experience can be many things to different people. To most shoppers it is a mundane end of the month rush through the nearest supermarket to buy the basic foodstuffs.

The unmanned tills, the endless queues, the cross chit chat from the staff. Mismarked prices, no items in stock. It's enough to make you tear your hair out.


So what would make your shopping experience enjoyable?


Price? To many people, it's the last thing on their mind - not that price is unimportant. Most people will say the number one factor is service, but there are other factors which also play an important role in making your shopping day an enjoyable experience. Some of these factors and the role they play in a shop attracting and keeping customers are set out below.


1  Staff attentiveness to Customers / Helpfulness

2  General Store Management

3  Cleanliness (Floors / Isles / Shelves)

4  Goods Display / Shelf Labelling

5  Isle Width / Ease of Movement

6  Range of Goods / Stock Availability

7  Car Parking / Customer Security

8  Weights & Measures / Expirey Dates


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Points have been allocated to each of the factors which the author has deemed important in giving a customer an enjoyable 'shopping experience'.


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