Always do your shopping at month ends, as the stores tend to have more specials, with many items often being sold at 20% or more below the normal marked price.


Over 60's take note that Eurospar do have a 5% discount for pensioners on many normal priced (non-special) items.


Makro have introduced a Pensioners Day on a Wednesday with discounts on some household goods and food 

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Food Price & Household Goods Comparison

The criteria for chosing the goods were:

Only well known Brands and products were chosen

Goods were identical - ie the same product, weight and brand.


No house brands have been used in this comparison.


Prices quoted were those listed during the period the survey was conducted. Any changes before or after the survey are not reflected.


The prices quoted are for comparison purposes only and in no way reflect the best possible purchase of a particular product which may be obtainable at a cheaper unit price in different weights and packaging or in other stores.

For links to other sites for food & household goods comparison vsit:

The goods chosen for this price comparison are those stocked in some of the largest food and household goods stores in the Vaal area. These are:

The prices at the Makro Vaal store were introduced in 2012

Pick 'n Pay - Bedworth Park (Vanderbijlpark

Makro Vaal - Bedworth Park (Vanderbijlpark)

Checkers Hyper - Arcon Park (Vereeniging)

Euro Superspar - Discontinued