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The price comparison of foods and household goods is carried out using the same size and weight of branded goods which are on sale in the selected major shops. The prices were the prices displayed at the time of the survey.


The snippets is a short overview of items of interest to the consumer. These may be changes in prices or packaging sizes or other interesting pieces of information on food and household products which may not have been noticed by the consumer.



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The All Items CPI index encompasses 12 categories of consumer expenses: one of these categories is the 'Food and non-alcoholic beverages' index ...


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Our aim is to gather prices on a regular basis of well known brands of food and household goods  sold through the major supermarket chains in the Vaal area, so that you, the consumer, can make an informed decision when purchasing items. The basket of food and household goods currently comprises over 120 items.

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A shopping experience can be many things to different people. There are however, some basic factors which play an important role in making a persons shopping day an enjoyable experience. Some of these factors are set out below


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Disclaimer. The price comparison and shopping experience comments and any other information shown in this website must be used as a guideline to prices and service. No guarantee can be given that the prices stated will be the price charged at the till or that the service will be superior or worse at any of the rated stores. While every care is taken in compiling the prices and ratings, the Vaal Shopping website and it's authors and staff of VT Info give no guarantee as to the accuracy of the information set out in this website.